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"The simplicity of running the clock from my phone is tremendous. Waterproof, battery or connected power, Bluetooth connectivity, the ability to write complete practices in the app and then just let it run..."

The Swimnerd Pace Clock is the most innovative pace clock in the world. Digital, affordable, and Bluetooth programmable from your smartphone.

Our Customers Come First

"In today's world it's difficult to find folks that will go the extra mile. Look no further than Swimnerd. Outstanding every step of the way, and their product is a big time value. When our other clocks need replacements, I'll be ordering all of them through Swimnerd."

swimnerd pace clock
  • Customer Service

    "One thing that lacks in most businesses today is customer service...well not with the Swimnerd. If you are in need of a new clock...you can’t go wrong with this pace clock."

  • Weather Resistant

    "We swim outdoors year-round and needed a fairly-priced, high-quality, weather-resistant solution for two of our pools. The swimnerd pace clocks have been awesome."

  • Bluetooth

    Connect your phone to your pace clock with the Swimnerd Mobile Application.

  • Accessories

    Tripods, rechargeable batteries, and carrying case also available.

"I have downloaded the app and find it very easy to use."

So easy, a swim coach can do it.


"The fact that you can program a practice in with send offs from your phone makes life very convenient. This has turned out to be one of our best purchases in quite a few years." 

"My swim workouts actually feel easier due to the precision pacing and programmability this clock allows."

"The clock we got is awesome, however it pales in comparison to Nate's customer service. Like my company, he is a startup business and when you deal with Swim Nerd, you deal directly with Nate. He knows his product inside and out and provides phenomenal customer service. I can't say enough good things about the business he is running. We will be buying more Swim Nerd clocks in the future. 5 stars!"

"great clock - light weight - easy to set up - very visible from the other side of a 50 mtr pool!"

"Hands Down the Best Pace Clock in the World! No question about it. Response time is great and I really feel like I'm supported anytime anywhere."