US Masters Swimming

The Swimnerd Masters Team is based out of Virginia Beach, VA.

We swim in a pool during the winter.

Bayside Rec Center

Our summer pool was built by a meteor 35 million years ago -- the largest estuary in North America -- the Chesapeake Bay!

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel swim


Practice Information

Pool Season: September through May
Mon/Wed 530-630 PM and Saturday at 9 AM 

Open Water Season: May through September
Tues/Thurs 530 PM and Saturday at 9 AM on the corner of Sandy Bay Drive and Lookout Rd in Chic's Beach. Park on the pavement -- yes it feels as though you are parking in these people's yards but it is actually city property. Just don't park near the stop signs and fire hydrants. 

Pool Season: What You Can Expect
You can expect to have one hell of a good time getting a premier swim workout with a diverse group of swim nerds. We've got all ages and speeds. Don't be scared to come out and give it a shot. 

Typically, practices are around 2,000-2,500 SCM. The only thing you need to participate is your suit and goggles. Equipment is not mandatory. If you can only do 1500 the first time, that is totally okay.

If you can't do butterfly that's okay, too. If you'd rather do freestyle, we are cool with that. If you want to use a snorkel the entire practice be our guest.

If you are in town visiting, you can get a day pass when you walk in the door. 

Open Water Season: What You Can Expect
Typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays we bring out two buoys and create a course. If it is flat, we will do all four strokes. We do a little bit of running on the beach and ins and outs from the buoy to prepare for the Virginia Beach Ocean Swim Series. 

Saturdays we tend to go to the bridge and back -- that's the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel -- and back. About 3K on the dot. 

Caps are mandatory for open water swimming. We have neon green caps available. And, all swimmers must be members of US Masters Swimming.