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Swimnerd Tripod for Pace Clock

swimnerd tripod

Swimnerd Tripod for Pace Clock


Keep your Swimnerd Pace Clock safe and sturdy with our tripod. Easy to use, easy to setup. You can raise the clock up to over 8 feet tall. The pace clock, while safely secure, can swivel for viewing pleasure.

Tripod Tutorial

Step 1: Remove your tripod from the box. It should contain: a plastic bracket, two knobs, and the tripod itself. The tripod has two lock handles and a raising pin. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a high quality, clear vinyl sticker for your white board.


Step 2: Line the plastic bracket up with the tripod holes located on the bottom of your clock.


Step 3: Screw in one knob. Then, screw in the other.


Step 4: Place the clock on the tripod. Secure in place with the lock handles. If you are outside, make sure the tripod legs are out almost as far as they can go and that you do not have the clock raised in the air using the pin. The positioning of the three legs away from its vertical center allows it better leverage for resisting lateral forces. That’s just tripod science.




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