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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up my Swimnerd Pace Clock?
Click here for a quick walk through video.

How do I connect to my Swimnerd Pace Clock?
Click here for a quick walk through video.

Where is the instruction manual?
You can download the instruction manual here.
We also have many helpful videos on our YouTube Channel.

What is this USB thumbdrive dongle adapter thing?
It allows you to connect your clock to your computer and upload new software into the clock. We don't normally send these out anymore as the chance you needing it is slim to none. If you did not receive one, no big deal, one less thing to worry about.

What is the warranty?
Two year manufacturers warranty -- if your clock doesn't work we will replace it. This does not include you dropping it into the pool, smashing it onto a concrete pool deck, or any other form of pace clock abuse. If something unfortunate does happen, just contact Nate and he will get you taken care of.

Customer Service?
Call or text Nate (757-955-6273) or email Nate (Nate@swimnerd.com) or talk to us on our Intercom in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.


Save your box.
In case of a return, you'll want this around. It is also a great carrying case/storage unit.

If you got a tripod, make sure the legs are out wide if you are outside and it is windy.
If it is seriously windy, you might even want to throw something on the ends of the legs to weigh it down. Last thing you want is a broken case. If you do break your case, we will fix/repair for free as long as you ship it to us.

If your clock is primarily outdoors, we suggest protecting it by any means possible -- you should definitely have some sort of overhang.
To help longevity, we built in a little piece on the right side of the clock, so that your communication port (the port for the USB thumbdrive) stays dry. You'll probably never use this comm port, so, a little duct tape on the side of your clock is also not a bad idea if you are outside -- I even like to duct tape the 4 corners where the seams of the clock are, as this is the only place water can seep in.

To sync the clocks, all you have to do is start them together.
The easiest method is using the remote controls and toggling them on/off using the D button. You may need two people to scream 1-2-3-NOW! from either end, depending on the size of your pool and how many clocks you are syncing. 

If you got a battery make sure you follow all the safety guidelines located on our website on the battery page.
Most importantly, do not plug the clock in with the power adapter and the battery at the same time! You will overload your clock and it will go crazy. The battery DOES NOT charge while it is plugged in with the normal power adapter! Only charge the battery using the small charging adapter with the LED on it. DO NOT LEAVE THIS BATTERY IN A HOT SHED -- keep it in a climate controlled place not a hot shed behind the pool sitting in the sun all summer.

Currently the app does not run in the background of your phone (battery life). So if your phone goes black for 10 minutes, and you open it back up, the pace clock on the phone will be off by 10 minutes from the actual pace clock. So, just change your settings so your screen doesn't go black if you want it to look exactly the same as the pace clock. Many people use the iPad version and just keep it open the entire practice. Once you send a set to the pace clock via Bluetooth, it will not stop even if you disconnect and turn your phone off.

Don't be scared to give your Swimnerd Pace Clock a little TLC. A clean pace clock is a happy pace clock.
The front of the clock can be easily cleaned with any standard multi-purpose solution. If your clock is outside or near the water and is getting splashed, you will get a chlorine residue drying on the plexiglass.