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Swimnerd Digital Pace Clock

swimnerd pace clock

Swimnerd Digital Pace Clock


Due to high demand we are currently back ordered. Please remain calm. Take a deep breath. Estimated delivery to your pool deck is the first week of November. If you have a pace clock emergency please call 757-955-6273 for immediate assistance. 

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We accept Purchase Orders and ship anywhere

Need a formal quote/estimate/W-9?

Text me (Nate) at 757-955-6273. Or, email me Nate@swimnerd.com


It can count up. It can count down.

Bluetooth enabled, it connects to the Swimnerd App which allows you to control your pace clock from your phone. Program any set your heart desires! 

Each pace clock comes with a Swimnerd Remote Control and an AC 110~240 power adapter. Click here for Remote Control Manual.

Built-in screw constructs on the back of the clock allows for easy hanging with just two screws (not included). Using a tape template, there's no need for even measuring! 

We coat our electronic boards in a special glue that is impermeable to water, humidity, and the overall harsh conditions of swimming pools. 

9" inch tall LED's are made specifically for outdoor viewing and are visible up to 100 meters away.

Two year manufacturers warranty. 

30" x 2.5" x 12" (L x W x H); weighs less than 10 lbs!

ACCESSORIES (sold separately)

If you aren't hanging the clock, you'll need a Swimnerd Tripod.

Don't have an electrical outlet near your pool? We have an 6 hour rechargeable battery for sale in America & Australia only.

Traveling from pool to pool? Want to bring your Nerd on training trip? Check out our waterproof pace clock carrying case


Call or text Nate at 757-955-6273 or email nate@swimnerd.com


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions, instructional manuals, videos, and hot tips.

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