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David Arluck

Inside with Brett Hawke: David Arluck


The son of a national level swimmer, David Arluck grew up hearing stories about his father’s success in the water. The lack of opportunities that would ultimately end his father’s swimming career at the age of 20, would come to be a driving force behind his company Fitter and Faster.

Today, as David takes a moment to share the story behind his business- he talks about his passion for swimming, how he got started in the business of the sport and what Fitter and Faster is trying to accomplish. Hear how he went from being a swimmer and fan to enriching the lives of young swimmers around the country. He shares what Kobe Bryant taught him about work and balance and why he is addicted to success. 

"I like to succeed man. I'm just addicted to succeeding. I think if you ask anyone- they hate to lose. Everybody hates to lose. But I think most people are okay with it and I think that's a hard truth that people will never admit." - David Arluck [13:39]


Key Takeaways:

  • The motivation behind Fitter and Faster.
  • How David Arluck turned his love of swimming into a business
  • What Fitter and Faster is trying to acheive.

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:01] Intro
  • [00:54] Brett on working with David Arluck for Fitter & Faster
  • [01:47] Where the concept for Fitter & Faster started
  • [06:13] Why swimming?
  • [08:47] Working for Gary Hall Jr. and his start in the business 
  • [12:38] What sets elite athletes apart
  • [19:20] Having to reassess his business
  • [25:09] Why quitting was never an option
  • [26:34] Routines that keep him and the business going
  • [29:31] No need to apologize for success
  • [33:07] What fitter and faster is doing and trying to achieve
  • [37:01] What Kobe Bryant meant to David and lessons on balance and family
  • [46:30] Outro

Key Quotes:

  • “I wanted to create and I did create a company that was inclusive for the highest level of swimmers, inclusive for swimmers of all ages and abilities, from all economic levels all across the country and over the years, we've worked to cultivate that product and it's been a lot of fun.” -David Arluck [05:47] 
  • “...the thing my dad was best at was something that he can't make any money at- which was swimming. That really always stuck with me.” -David Arluck [07:43] 
  • “Balance is something that... it's not a 50/50 thing. It's being in the right place at the right time for the things that are important.”  -David Arluck [43:00] 


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