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Albert Subirats

Inside with Brett Hawke: Albert Subirats

When Albert Subirats retired from swimming after his last race, he was ready to take on new challenges in corporate America. It wasn't long before the sport came calling him back.

Today, after joining Virginia Tech as an assistant coach, Albert is working to give back to the sport. In conversation with Brett he dives into his experience coming to the states as a young swimmer with misdirected confidence. Learn how he navigated the NCAA process, became a leader to his teammates and ultimately transitioned into swimming solo later in his career. He shares his advice on working hard and making the most of every opportunity.

“I just made that choice and it's as simple as that. Not everybody can make the choice to be an Olympic champion but anybody can make the choice to be the best they can be.” 

-Albert Subirats [22:07]


Key Takeaways:

  • Why Albert Subirats returned to swimming as a coach.
  • How he learned to be a better teammate.
  • Advice on training and underwater dolphin kicks.

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:02] Intro 
  • [02:13] Albert Subirats on return to the sport
  • [03:19] When did swimming start for him
  • [07:20] The process of getting from Venezuela to the NCAA
  • [10:16] Adapting and navigating college at 17
  • [12:52] Being confident in the wrong way
  • [14:38] Lessons learned from coach Frank Busch 
  • [18:28] Winning the 100 butterfly and the 100 backstroke on the same day
  • [19:38] Training for the impossible and using visualization
  • [22:18] On Augie Busch keeping him honest
  • [24:48] Improving his underwater dolphin kicking
  • [27:56] Owning training and working hard
  • [30:51] Winning the national championship in 2008
  • [32:25] What changed within the team
  • [35:37] Winning for the team over the individual
  • [38:25] Transitioning to being a solo swimmer 
  • [41:25] Making the most of the opportunities swimming brings
  • [44:42] Thoughts on Venezuela 
  • [46:46] Joseph schooling and the 100 butterfly
  • [49:37] Outro

Key Quotes:

  • “I really thrive in challenges. I love somebody telling me 'you can't do that.' That just makes me burn inside... It's learning how to challenge that into a healthy mindset and into things that are actually going to help you.”-Albert Subirats [26:34] 
  • “You don't ever want to walk away from this thinking, what if or I should have or what could I have accomplished?...You always want to look back to the time that you did this and smile.” -Albert Subirats [42:28] 


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