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Marius Kusch

Inside with Brett Hawke: Marius Kusch

Marius Kusch has been flying under the radar, silently improving his game. Today, he sits down and talks about the strategies and ways of thinking that have had a positive impact on his life and performance. 

Listen in as he shares his thoughts on the New York Breakers and the ISL, college swimming and working with coach David Marsh of Team Elite. He gives insights into his new approach to rest and recovery and what he has planned for his future in swimming. Find out why he says, at the end of the day, it’s important he remembers exactly who he’s swimming for. 

Every athlete is beatable... everyone can have a bad day. And everyone has the potential to step up and do something that they were thinking is impossible.”

-Marius Kusch [36:04]  


Key Takeaways:

  • What Marius Kusch has changed to improve as an athlete.
  • How other sports and concepts outside of swimming have shaped him.
  • His advice for other athletes training for the Olympics.

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:01] Intro
  • [00:28] Making the move to San Diego to train with Team Elite
  • [00:53] The choice to swim for a Division 2 school
  • [02:14] The events he swam coming out of Germany
  • [03:13] His experience with Division 2
  • [05:21] Changes and becoming a 100 butterfly contender
  • [08:24] The small changes add up
  • [10:26] Improving the quality of sleep and recovery
  • [12:50] Key changes to his nutrition
  • [16:23] Being open-minded and making the most of his resources
  • [17:12] What makes his coach, David Marsh, so exceptional?
  • [19:59] Marius' thoughts on drilling
  • [21:32] The most important to do while drilling
  • [23:43] His best time yet and what it'll take to get on the podium 
  • [26:08] What he's been doing to become more efficient
  • [27:48] His best races to date
  • [28:30] How he's planning to take relaxed mindset to the finals
  • [29:55] Thoughts on visualization
  • [31:00] What he's taken away from other sports
  • [32:46] His experience with the ISL and the New York Breakers
  • [33:58] Looking ahead to the next Olympics
  • [34:41] Staying in America 
  • [35:59] Does he think Caeleb Dressel is defeatable?
  • [36:34] His recommendations for others training for the Olympics
  • [37:41] Book recommendations and thoughts on talent
  • [38:52] His parent's thoughts and support with him living so far away
  • [40:06] Outro

Key Quotes:

  • “I try to always be like a sponge, trying to absorb as much information as I can. That doesn't mean that all this information will bring you forward or will help but, it's up to you what you make out of these things.” -Marius Kusch [16:23] 
  • “When I was drilling I'd really have to engage my thoughts and my feelings and turn my brain on which would then heighten the sense of how I was feeling the water which would then create this ability to really swim with great technique.” - Brett Hawke [22:43] 
  • “It doesn't really matter if you're on the bigger stage or the smaller stage, I just always try to rely on the work that I've been putting in. Really realizing that whatever's going to happen, I can live with the results because I've been doing the very best I can and just realizing that you're doing it for yourself and no one else.” -Marius Kusch [29:36] 
  • “Every athlete is beatable... everyone can have a bad day. And everyone has the potential to step up and do something that they were thinking is impossible.” -Marius Kusch [36:04]  


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