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How to fit in swim practice during vacation

How to fit in swim practice during vacation

Whether it's spring break, summer vacation or winter break, there will come a time when the family is hitting the road, much to the dismay of a dedicated, competitive swimmer (and possibly her coach).

Don't get me wrong: that same dedicated swimmer is probably quite happy to hang at Six Flags, vacation at the beach for a week, or visit Grandma and Grandpa.

But he's probably stressing about what a week off will do to months of training he's already logged and whether it'll have an impact on his season goals.

Honestly, coaches share in that stress, too. The last thing a swim coach wants to hear a month before the championship meet is, "Coach, we're going on vacation for a week, so I'll miss practice next week."

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By: Laura Healy

A former competitive swimmer, current swim coach and swim team parent, Laura blogs about all things swimming. She loves sharing her passion for competitive swimming, but she also knows that navigating this sport can be confusing. So she created Goggles & Flip Turns to help swim team parents who are diving headfirst into the pool, wondering what the heck this sport is all about. Read her blog at