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Kyle Chalmers swimming

Inside with Brett Hawke: Kyle Chalmers

Episode #073 Kyle Chalmers

Kyle Chalmers is a massive Kevin Durant fan. He is also the reigning Olympic Champion in the Men's 100 Free. He was just 18 years old at the Rio Olympics. How'd he do it? What was it like to become a national icon in 47 seconds?
The two Australian sprinters discuss...
The media and how Chalmers keeps to himself. Purposefully doesn't pay attention to much of anything in the media. 

How'd you pop up at 18 years old and win the 100 Free?

Explaining what the Olympic Village was like. Taking a selfie with Michael Phelps and loads of NBA stars.

How'd you not get caught up in the experience? 

Massive Kevin Durant fan. Listens to his MVP speech every day.

How'd you win gold? Laid back country boy from a town of 15,000. What he was thinking behind the blocks of the 100 Free in Rio:

Are you a freak of nature? 

Only began fully training in 2015.

Did beach swims by himself 2x a week on top of the 8-9 sessions with Coach Peter Bishop leading up to Rio.

47 seconds and you become a national icon. It's quite overwhelming and can fog your mind.

In the lead up to Rio and can close the 100 Free better than anyone so how are you training? "I train like a 200 Freestyler."

Kyle Chalmers favorite swim practice are aerobic. 

3 or 4x 800 aerobic
4x50's at 100 pace @ 1:00

Confidence in coming home. "That's the fastest anyone has ever come home!"

He breaks down the 100 Free Semi Finals against Nathan Adrian and the Final with Santo Condorelli a body length and half in front of him at the 50.

"There's nothing more satisfying than swimming over the top of these guys and you know seeing yourself catch them." - Kyle Chalmers

Keeping the same stroke rate throughout the 100. 

"This is my race and no one can take it from me." - Kyle Chalmers

Talk to me about the ready room. The marshaling room. Kyle doesn't listen to music and is pretty chatty.

"Nathan Adrian is one of the greatest guys out there." - Kyle Chalmers

Is there another Kyle Chalmers looming for Tokyo?

How do you beat Caeleb Dressel? Get better at what he beats me at: off the blocks and underwater.

"You gotta have that belief in yourself that you're there to win. If I didn't have that belief I wouldn't be racing or swimming. I'm not going to a competition to get 2nd or to swim a PB. I'm going there to succeed."

Dad was an AFL player so he grew up in a household that understood what it meant to be a pro athlete.

What do you need to go to win next year?

Why has the World Record still stuck around for a decade in the 100 Free?

What do you do for your legs?

What about the 50?

"I really like the 200." - Kyle Chalmers

Tell me about these reptiles. Kyle's got a Reptile Room.

And much, much more!

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