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Josh Prenot swimming

Inside with Brett Hawke: Josh Prenot

Episode #071 Josh Prenot

Josh Prenot won the Silver medal in the 200 Breast at the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

What's practice looking like right now?

It's hard to substitute swimming.

How do you train? Pacing while stressed.

Everyone's focus is Summer 2021.

USA Breaststroke Depth.

How did you end up focusing on the 200 Breast? Swimming the 200 Breast a million times. 

Making the US Olympic Team in 2016. 

Breaststroke technique. Timing. Hips. Tempo. Pulling. Kicking.

Swimming breaststroke underwater. 

2 Kicks 1 Pull but do it like Cameron van der Burgh: 1 kick, 1 pull, 1 kick.

Reaching max potential.

Adam Peaty. Anton Chupkov.

Nathan Adrian texts in a question...

Mountain climbing and how it relates to swimming.

Rick DeMont texts in a question. What makes you happy?

Marrying a swimmer.

2 Breast splits.

Nort Thornton

200 Breast Race Strategy

His Goals for this year. Pullups and vertical jump.

Josh's Best Breaststroke Sets LCM

Set #1
Set up the backhalf of your 200 and maintain your stroke rate:
10x50's @ 1:00 all holding 31.7
extra 1:00 rest
10x50's @ 1:30 all holding 31.1 
Set #2
3x200's @ 10:00 all out from a push.
Josh went 2:17, 2:17, 2:15.

Set #3
Tech suits 1x300 off the blocks Josh went 3:20 out in 2:12

Josh Prenot Full Episode:


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