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Brian Sutton The Swim Consultant

Inside with Brett Hawke: Brian Sutton

Episode #056 Brian Sutton

Former Swimming Australia Head Coach, Brian Sutton! Brett was coached by Brian so they go all the way back to the beginning. 
Brian's father was a coach. His brother was a coach. His sister was a swim instructor. It's a family affair.
Brett and Brian discuss...
Swimming with a brick tied to him. Pushing a car up a hill. Running 23km home from a swim meet.
Coaching Brett the 200 Backstroker. 
Using 8x400's on 5:00 to determine who the sprinters were. Focusing on being a sprinter as early as you can.
Valuing the 50. His theories and beliefs behind training for the 50.
"The body's not capable of going flat out for more than 5 or 6 seconds."
Jim Montgomery, first man to break 50 seconds. "You build a 50." Gary Schatz. 
Blood lactate.
What is going on with New South Wales swimming?

And much, much more!

Brian Sutton Full Episode

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