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Béryl Gastaldello

Inside with Brett Hawke: Béryl Gastaldello

Beryl Gastaldello’s career is taking off. At the age of 25, after taking time off to focus on her physical and mental health and on the tail end of graduating from Texas A&M, she's become a force to be reckoned with. 

In this episode of Inside with Brett Hawke, Beryl shares some of what she's doing to prepare for French trials, heading into the Olympics. Listen in to hear the work she's put in to develop her confidence as a and trust herself as a swimmer. Find out why she decided to train with the men’s team at Texas A&M and her plans for the future with the ISL’s L.A Current.

"Everything I went through made me way tougher than I was, which is dangerous for other people, I guess." - Beryl Gastaldello [04:22] 

Key Takeaways:

  • Beryl Gastaldello’s unique approach to training.
  • What’s behind her more recent success.
  • How she is coming into her own as a third-generation Olympian.
  • What she is doing to gain confidence in her swimming.

Episode Timeline:

    • [00:14] Intro
    • [00:46] Events she’s focusing on qualifying for
    • [01:04] Qualifying in French trials
    • [02:52] Training for morning swims
    • [03:47] What helped her burst onto the scene at age 25
    • [04:45] Finding her identity as a third-generation Olympian
    • [05:57] Her strength training 
    • [06:52] Why she decided to come to the U.S
    • [07:40] The reason she chose Texas A&M
    • [08:20] What she was pleasantly surprised by
    • [09:17] Her experience and future with the ISL and the L.A Current
    • [11:59] Making changes for her mental health
    • [13:12] The difference in training with the men and women at A&M
    • [15:49] Mental breakthroughs she's had this season
    • [17:29] Plans and goals before and after trials
    • [19:28] Seeing herself as an Olympic medalist
    • [20:17] Where does doubt come from?
    • [22:53] How did she qualify for the 100 free in the last Olympics
    • [23:58] Planning and preparing for the day of a race
    • [25:42] Brett's experience working with Beryl
    • [29:23] What she does to work on her underwaters
  • [31:01] What she's thinking about in practice and what she does well
  • [33:61] Her thoughts on Jason Calanog as a coach
  • [37:01] How she feels about the recognition she’s receiving
  • [38:54] Sponsorships
  • [39:23] Outro

Key Quotes:

  • “Everything I went through made me way tougher than I was which is dangerous for other people I guess.” - Beryl Gastaldello [04:22] 
  • “I want to see this as a step because I'm looking forward to the Olympics and I don't want to just make it. I wanna go there and do great things.” - Beryl Gastaldello [19:04] 
  • “It's a little weird because if I get a little confidence then I'm very dangerous and I realize that I just need to build on that. That's what the ISL really helped me with. I realized if I was just a little more confident, everything was different.” - Beryl Gastaldello [19:42] 
  • “If you're happy, you swim fast." - Beryl Gastaldello [24:46] 


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