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Leave it all in the pool, B

Leave it all in the pool, B

Today my firstborn son will compete in his final high school regional championship, kicking off the last few weeks of what may very well be his final short-course season ever.

Yikes. I'm still trying to let that sink in.

This boy of mine, whom I love with all of my heart, was a reluctant swimmer from the start. In the bathtub as a baby, he'd cry and scream if we tried to pour water over his head. Washing his hair was a constant battle. 

He'd happily get into a pool, but only on his terms (which is how he approaches nearly everything in life). The baby pool at our favorite summer hangout in Michigan was large and spacious, offering plenty of room to play. But he'd spend hours walking around the perimeter of the baby pool, grasping the wall with one hand and a toy in the other.

His feet stayed planted on the pool bottom.

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By: Laura Healy

A former competitive swimmer, current swim coach and swim team parent, Laura blogs about all things swimming. She loves sharing her passion for competitive swimming, but she also knows that navigating this sport can be confusing. So she created Goggles & Flip Turns to help swim team parents who are diving headfirst into the pool, wondering what the heck this sport is all about. Read her blog at