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SC World Champs: Marco Koch

SC World Champs: Marco Koch

Nobody glides quite like Marco Koch. The German was a Gold Medal favorite at the Rio Olympics but came in a disappointing 7th place.

Fast forward to November and things are shaping up a little bit differently. Pun intended.

That is because Marco has dropped 13 kilograms, or nearly 29 pounds, in just 6 weeks. This was something he was looking to do at the beginning of 2016; but, being so close to Rio, it scared him away from drastically mixing things up.

After Rio, Mark Warnecke helped develop a power diet: protein shakes in the morning and at night with a “normal” meal during lunchtime. Warnecke, who now sells nutritional supplements, won a Bronze medal in the 100 Breast at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics for Germany.

The difference in Marco Koch’s body is obvious from the picture above. On the left is a picture from Rio. On the right, after his 200 SCM Breast World Record on November 18th.

Marco Koch’s splits from last week’s 200 Breast SCM World Record:


Will Marco Koch become the first human to break 2 minutes in the 200 SCM Breast? There’s a good chance that might just happen on December 11th at SC World Champs.

If you missed Marco Koch’s recent 200 SCM Breast World Record, here it is, courtesy of Stephan Quandt.