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Men's 100 Free Tokyo Olympics

Predictions: Men's 100 Free Tokyo Olympics

Sure there will be 6 other guys in the Olympic finale but all eyes are on just two men: Caeleb Dressel (USA) and Kyle Chalmers (AUS).

Men's 100 Free

This long awaited rematch between Dressel and Chalmers is probably the most anticipated race of the entire Tokyo Olympics. The 100 Free is typically #1 so no surprise there...


*Chalmers is the reigning Olympic Champion.
*Dressel won the 2017 world title where Chalmers didn't swim I believe due to his heart condition.
*Chalmers won the 2019 world title after Dressel injured himself on a scooter leading up to the meet.


Race Strategy

Dressel and Chalmers swim this event exactly opposite of one another. The faster Dressel is out in the first 50, the faster his end time typically is. He was out 22.29 when he went 46.96. Of his four fastest 100's his average differential is +2.175.

King Kyle, on the other hand, swims his two 50's about as close as humanly possible. His average over four races is a paltry +1.3925. Though, he was still out his fastest 50 split ever (22.79) in his fastest 100 (47.08).

Get ready for the most suspenseful race of the meet because everyone knows Dressel will be out first and Chalmers will be storming home. It's going to be a nail biter but I'm going with the super sprint speed on this one. 

Pre-Olympic Trials Predictions

1. Caeleb Dressel 22.15 + 24.57 = 46.72 (+2.42)

2. Kyle Chalmers 22.65 + 24.09 = 46.74 (+1.44)

Watch Out For

The #2 American. We are STACKED right now and whomever steps up at OT's will get the individual shot. Our 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th relay swimmer spots might be the best we've ever had. 

I got to see Zach Apple swim in person a few months ago and I walked away thoroughly impressed. 

Ryan Held's switch to Alabama has proved to be fruitful by crushing his PB last year 47.3.

Max Rooney? Dean Ferris? 

Dark Horse

Vlad Grinev is a young Russian who has been blowing the doors off the 2nd 50 of this race. He has no where near the speed of Dressel but can bring it back 24 mid.