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Post Phelps Era? No such thing.

Post Phelps Era? No such thing.

Post Phelps era? What post Phelps era? Here’s just a few of the articles written this week about Michael Phelps in this “post Phelps” era. 

CNBC: The craziest thing Michael Phelps did to become the greatest swimmer of all time.
Swim Swam: 5 Amazing Things Michael Phelps Said About His Mom
CNN: Michael Phelps ‘never competed against clean international field’
The Desert Sun: Michael Phelps says career really is over during Indian Wells visit

Not to mention his continued Facebook Live presence.

There is no such thing as a “post Phelps era” in swimming. Not anytime soon, anyway. He’s the Greatest Olympian of All Time. He’s created his own apparel brand. The Michael Phelps Foundation is still impacting lives every day. In fact, Phelps and Jason Day are teaming up for a charity golf tournament soon.

He might not be competing anymore. Not on the big stage. But he is continuing to swim a few times a week. Will he swim as a Master swimmer? Maybe. Will he actually make a run at Tokyo for a relay spot perhaps? I’m doubtful.

Regardless, the face and heart of the sport isn’t going anywhere. He’s getting more pub now than ever before. Articles on his diet? Expect more. Articles on Boomer? Expect more. Articles on cupping? Expect more. Articles about nice things he says about his dog? Expect more.

We live in a world that allows for the continued promotion and marketing of elite athletes even after they are retired. That certainly wasn’t true just a couple decades ago before the internet, smartphones, and social media.

For swimming, this is a big plus.