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Podcast Review: Swimcerely with Spindrift

Podcast Review: Swimcerely with Spindrift

Have you listened to Spindrift Beck’s podcast yet?  Appropriately titled, “Swimcerely with Spindrift“, the hour or so long one-on-one interviews are refreshingly raw and genuine.

Just to highlight a few of the interesting conversations…

She dives in deep with Felicia Lee and her decision to move from New Jersey to Baltimore to train with NBAC. Felicia was just 13 when she asked her parents if they were cool with that.

Cindy Tran gives a lesson in coach vs. parent owned/run swim teams.

Ariana Kukors talks about how the tech suits changed her stroke.

Jessica Hardy walks you through her crazy redemption story (which you can read more about in her new book “Swimming Toward The Gold Lining“).

After binge listening to every episode in just a couple days, I’ve become overwhelmed with that exciting, suspenseful feeling you get waiting for the next episode of your favorite TV show (something ‘Spin’ knows quite a lot about).

The 24 year old Texan’s passion for swimming is infectiously fun.  So, give her a listen the next time you are headed to swim practice.

9 podcasts exist so far:
Felicia Lee
Alyssa Anderson
Cindy Tran
Carol Capitani
Laura Sogar & Bethany Adams
Ariana Kukors
Jessica Hardy
Katie Meili
Matt Thompson

And, yes, her real name is Spindrift…