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Laura Healy

Make these changes now to help your swimmer at championship meets

At pools throughout the nation, swimmers are gearing up for championship meet season. These are meets that have been circled on the calendar since early spring. Many swimmers' goals are tied to these meets, whether to earn a spot in finals, swim best times, or to qualify for the next-level championship meet.

No doubt, these meets are important and ultimately determine whether a swimmer defines a season as successful (even as unfair as this may be, since performance arguably cannot be judged on one meet).

While swimmers and coaches are doing the final work in the pool to prepare, many parents and swimmers make the mistake of waiting until days before their championship meet to prepare outside of the pool. Weeks ahead of championship meets is the best time to begin making changes that will benefit your swimmer down the road. Here are eight suggestions.


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By: Laura Healy

A former competitive swimmer, current swim coach and swim team parent, Laura blogs about all things swimming. She loves sharing her passion for competitive swimming, but she also knows that navigating this sport can be confusing. So she created Goggles & Flip Turns to help swim team parents who are diving headfirst into the pool, wondering what the heck this sport is all about. Read her blog at