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Kieren Perkins

Inside with Brett Hawke: Kieren Perkins

Episode #040 Kieren Perkins

Kieren's 1500 at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games had a massive impact on Brett (and every other Australian on planet Earth):

He's back on the board of Swimming Australia. Been with NAB for over a decade.

Life after sport is never easy.

Developing mental toughness. Getting coached by John Carew.

Kieren wouldn't exactly call himself an athlete. Football, cricket, soccer weren't for him.
 "I'm one of those swimmers that liked to train." - Kieren Perkins

The 30x100's set:

His parents sacrificed a lot for him and his brother.

Glen Housman.

Vladimir Salnikov.

Daniel Kowalski.

Grant Hackett:

"But there was always this commentary in the media and the headlines and the stories and you know, you try to ignore just let it go because you know, it's all just rubbish." - Kieren Perkins on the media

The ups and downs of an amazing career in swimming.

Kieren Perkins 400 Free World Record from 1994 World Championships in Rome:

And much, much more!

Kieren Perkins Full Episode:

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