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James Magnussen Habitual

Inside with Brett Hawke: James Magnussen

Episode #60 James Magnussen

Today on the podcast, Brett interviews James Magnussen: the fastest man ever in a textile. 
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Grew up in a small country town 5 hours north of Sydney where the pool was closed during the winter. 

Meeting with Coach Brant Best in 2009. "I'm very confident I will get you to an Olympic Games." 

"The confidence he gave me in that meeting..." - James Magnussen

What did Brant do best? Everything we did had a purpose.


Super suits.

Having an outstanding network of people helping him reach his highest potential. 
Eamon Sullivan.

Winning his National Championship in the 100 Free going 48.2.

Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

Going from being the hunter to being the hunted.

"The bread and butter set for me for training for my 100 Freestyle was..."

44-48 stroke rate. Breathing 2's. Soft hands. 7/10 RPE.

Swimming consistently. Same # of strokes, same # of breathes. The performance piece took care of itself.

Pre-Fatigue stuff for back end. 3x15's Max. Swim through the 50. Straight into a fast 50.

We'd swim really fast at least 4x a week. The other 3 would be really slow, really recovery.

Are we swimming fast coming out of quarantine because we are recovered?

Easy speed is undervalued.

Getting pneumonia being out of the water for 6 weeks before World Championships. Told Brant he wanted to lead the relay off. He went 47.9 against Michael Phelps and Alain Bernard and smashed them.

And so much more!

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