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Ian Thorpe

Inside with Brett Hawke: Ian Thorpe

Episode #044 Ian Thorpe

What makes a champion?

What is it like being a World Champion at 15 years old?
The level of expectation and pressure leading into the Sydney Olympics.

Breaking his ankle 12 months out.

Being accused of doping by Germany's Head Coach (Manfred Thiesmann) and then destroying the 200 Free World Record by over a second. This took place at the FINA World Cup Berlin stop in 2000.

Losing the 200 Freestyle to Pieter van den Hoogenband at the Sydney Olympics. This became the turning point for him. He made a decision next time he would be prepared. 

The theory behind Doug Frost's training program. "Flog the athlete."

3000 for time. 30:46 or 30:16? Followed by 30x100's heart rate set.

Education became traveling the world.

"I owned being World Champion."

The full length, custom black suit made out of lycra. 

Adidas: now and forever

Ripping multiple suits right before the 4x100 Free Relay.
Klim breaking the World Record on the lead off.
Catching Gary Hall Jr.

Having international pop-star status. Specifically in Japan.
Turning down a record deal.

Craig Stevens giving up his 400 Free spot in Athens "because of what it does for the team."

The Swimming Race of the Century: Michael Phelps vs. Pieter van den Hoogenband, vs. Ian Thorpe

3rd stage of Ian's career.

No privacy in training. Making the decision to retire.

Pieter van den Hoogenband was Thorpe's greatest competitor. He pushed him the most.

Ian Thorpe Wishes Michael Phelps Was A Little Bit Older


"What was I like as a teammate?" Making Brett swim the 100 Freestyle and watching him hit a brick wall.


“Everyone in the world is swimming the 200 Freestyle the wrong way.” - Ian Thorpe


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