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Darian Townsend

Inside with Brett Hawke: Darian Townsend

Episode #035: Darian Townsend

Remember that time when Darian and 3 of his South African compatriots captured Olympic gold in the 4x100 Free Relay in Athens, Greece circa 2004?

Coaching for YMCA Westside Silver Fins in Phoenix, Arizona. Due to COVID-19, they are still open for emergency childcare for healthcare workers and essential working families. 

Mike Lewis, famous swim photographer, told Brett he had to call Darian.

Both of Darian's parents were competitive swimmers for Zimbabwe. Both still swim, mainly open water, and Darian's Mom teaches swim lessons, she owns her own swim school.

Sister swam at TCU in Forth Worth, Texas.

Sports in South Africa. Apartheid and Equal Rights. 

He swam for Seals Swimming Club pretty much his entire age group career. He began training under Graham Hill leading up to 2004 Trials. Also learned a lot from Fred Vergnoux.

How'd you end up on that 4x100 Free Relay in Athens? Darian walks through the the race starting with outstanding Roland Schoeman's lead off swim. After that, "just do your job". 

Swimmers that influenced him: Penny Heyns. Terence Parkin.

Meeting Bert Le Clos for the first time: "Hey my boy's going to win Olympic gold one day." - Bert Le Clos

Transferring from Florida to Arizona:

Retiring. Becoming an American citizen. And much, much more.

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