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FINA Strikes Gold With Sun Yang

We were kidding (not) when we suggested the ISL should fabricate crazy stories to get people to watch swimming.

Kudos to FINA for listening and jumping on the idea before the ISL even gets an opportunity. What they have propagated over the first few days of World Championships is nothing short of remarkable. This is truly next-level marketing.
First, by rekindling the 400 Free rivalry between Chinese superstar Sun Yang and Australian Mack Horton.

Then, after Danas Rapsys wins the 200 Free, he is quickly disqualified. 


Rapsys' false start moves Sun Yang into 1st place and Duncan Scott (and Marty from Russia) into 3rd place since they tied. Here's what happened next:

For a quick recap, let's check in with Olympic swimmer Maddie Groves (follow her on Twitter she is funny):

Duncan Scott's podium protest culminates with Sun Yang verbalizing the aforementioned, “I’m better than you.”

Just listen to those cheers!

The most savage part has got to be the fact that the UK & Australia can't actually watch World Championships, as they could not come to a broadcasting agreement. This is a smart move by FINA, as it heightens the suspense to actually watch the Olympics next year.

You might not agree with FINA's drug testing controls but you cannot deny their ability to get people to tune in on Twitter to talk about it.
Just wait until Sun Yang is cleared at his CAS hearing in September paving the way to Tokyo 2020.

 Bad guys are essential...