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Dave Rollins Florida Gulf Coast

Dave Rollins Interviews Brett Hawke

Episode #075 Dave Rollins interviews Brett Hawke

The Head Coach of Florida Gulf Coast University, Dave Rollins, turns the microphone around on Brett in this episode.

Other than the podcast, what else have you been doing since you left Auburn? 

Fitter & Faster Swim Camps and how they are dealing with COVID.

Not making the 1996 Olympic team. Left for America. Only place he looked was Auburn. 

Told his parents he got a full scholarship though he didn't.

Elimination Races at Swim Practice:

Going 18.6 on the back of the Medley Relay at NCAA's.

How'd you get into coaching?

Doing an undergraduate degree, 4 kids, and full time Head Coach. How?

What he's learned from interviewing so many high level swimmers.

People are swimming fast coming out of quarantine. 

What is a base? 

"To me the base is quality! Why do we look at volume as our base?" - Brett Hawke
And much more!

Brett Hawke with Dave Rollins Full Episode:

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