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swimnerd rename pace clock

Swimnerd Mobile App Update

Hello Nerds I hope everyone had or is having a successful mid-season meet. I'm sure some of you are gearing up for some heavy Christmas training...

We've just pushed an update out to the mobile app (for both Apple and Android).

There are three main new features...

1. We built in an automatic Bluetooth re-connection feature. So, if you walk away from your pace clock and get disconnected, once you get back into range, your phone will automatically reconnect to it. Kind of like your Apple Airpods when you walk out of a room and leave your phone behind, you can hear them disconnect. When you walk back into the room you can hear it reconnect.

2. You can now easily rename your pace clocks so you know which one you are trying to connect to...the one in the Shallow End or the one in the Deep End? Coach Mike Ginder from Virginia Wesleyan University seems pumped about it... 

rename your pace clock

3. The Ladder Set feature has now been added in your Practice Book. You can assign an Energy Zone and Description now also when writing a workout.