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Bryce Hunt 200 Backstroke Athens 2004 Olympics

Remember when Michael Phelps made the Olympic Team in the 200 Back?

Cause I totally forgot. It some how slipped my brain. Luckily nobody else seems to have forgotten.

Thank you Barry for refreshing my memory.

How could I forget about Bryce Hunt?

"Hunt, who had finished third in the event at the 2004 USA Olympic Team Trials Swimming on Monday with a time of 1:58.70, replaces runner-up Michael Phelps, who has withdrawn from the event to focus on other races. That puts Hunt and Aaron Peirsol, who set the world record at the trials with a 1:54.74, as the two 200m backstrokers for the USA squad." - Auburn Press Release

"Several people had told me that they expected Michael to do just that, I didn't want to get my hopes up and be wrong so I assumed that since he had handled the work load at trials he would handle it again at the games. But David (Marsh) told me to go ahead and train the day after my race because he thought Michael would pull out, he was right and Mike did." - Bryce Hunt on making the 2004 USA Olympic team

Bob Bowman, a likely primary witness, was also quick to note my err.

David Marsh claims he woke the now Doctor Bryce Hunt up from a nap.

Normally I'd say, "Bad form, Dave", but the Olympics were calling.

After pouring salt into his wound, Ben Michaelson bravely stood up to tell his story (he got 3rd at Trials).

After whipping both Phelps and the 200 Back World Record, Peirsol stated, "I don't ever want to lose that race. It's like anything that really means a lot to you; it becomes your baby and you want to take care of it.''

"Tonight's 200 back sort of gave me a message or an eye-opener. I knew what we're trying to attempt is going to be hard.'' - Michael Phelps

Phelps not only made the Olympic Team in the 200 Back back (back) in 2004 but his time from OT's would have won Silver at the O's.

"There are so many human stories literally in Phelp's wake. He was the best, so he was in the driver's seat and got to make all the decisions...every decision he made about what to swim and when affected lots and lots of other people." - Ben Michaelson in a Twitter DM 

With all that said, I leave you with a backstroke drill to try out this week at swim practice. 

Featuring Kim Brackin and Bryce Hunt straight outta Auburn, Alabama, this is Lift & Drop Drill: