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Olympic Trials: Day 1 Review

Olympic Trials: Day 1 Review

Men’s 400 IM:

Few thought Ryan Lochte would/should swim the 400 IM.  I was certainly a big proponent of him swimming it — in favor of dropping the 200 Back.  Not 100% sure if it was the pulled groin or being “old” but I’d rather think it’s the groin.  Time for him to remind the world who he is by bouncing back in the 200 Free this morning.

Jay Litherland with a ridiculous last 100 Free splitting 57.3.  That’s just good training and great adherence to race strategy.  He looked into the face of the Olympic Champion and reeled him in.  Gave me goosebumps.

Chase Kalisz is much, much faster than that time.  He will need to be out faster against Hagino & Co. in Rio.  Time doesn’t matter at OT’s — touching first or second is the only thing that matters.  The future of the Men’s 400 IM is in great hands.

Women’s 100 Fly:

Dana Vollmer and Kelsi Worrell did exactly what everyone expected them to do — go out fast, come back fast, and beat everybody.

Cassidy Bayer had a very nice swim, as did Kendyl Stewart.  McLaughlin was a bit off, placing 9th and not making Finals.

Bayer should be a force to be reckoned with in the 200 Fly, her specialty.

Men’s 400 Free:

Townley Haas and Clark Smith, training partners at Texas, were out fast.  Smith couldn’t keep the blistering pace, though he looked fantastic.  WAY under World Record pace at the halfway point was impressive, to say the least.  Townley came back like a bullet and almost touched out Dwyer.  His 200 today should be electrifying.  His turns are awful, though.  Looks like an amateur when flipping next to everyone else.

Jaeger is nothing but guts and glory.  One of my all time favorite swimmers the dude is pure class.

Zane Grothe also had an incredible swim, dropping more time and getting under 3:46.

Five guys under 3:46 this year vs. zero guys at 2012 Olympic Trials.

Women’s 400 IM:

Beisel had been sick leading up to Olympic Trials but didn’t tell anyone until after making the team.  Her first 250 was spot on and then she dropped off pretty hard.  Making her 3rd team is all she needed to do.  Now it’s all fun and games.  She scratched both events today to rest up more.

Maya DiRado is as hot as a swimmer can be at the perfect time.  She was in total control the entire race.  Expect her other events to be just at impressive.  Doubt she bothers with the 200 Fly as it backs up to the 200 IM but her 200 Back will be very strong.

Men’s 100 Breast:

Sergio Lopez continues to make people faster than everyone else.  Kevin Cordes breaks Shanteau’s American Record by a smidge.  Honestly, he’s better than that swim.  Cody Miller’s last 50 was disgusting and will provide for an awesome final 10 meters tonight.  Nobody gets out up out of the water like he does in the final stretch.

Michael Andrew, the young pro coached by his Dad in his backyard, shut a lot of people’s mouths up with another Jr. World Record in the 100 Breast.  If he doesn’t make the team tonight, at least we know that America’s breaststroke leg should be just fine come 2020 Tokyo.  He’s just a baby.  Imagine what he will be able to do in 4 years when he begins to turn into a man.  If you don’t think he can break the World Record at some point, you are a bit silly.