Swimming revolves around time.

The pace clock is the focal point of swim practice.

And swim practice is at the heart of our sport.

 We’ve made pace clocks great again.


And transformed your phone into your very own personal pace clock.

We’ve re-invented the pace clock by listening to dozens of coaches, swimmers, and triathletes just like you.


Pace Clock Features:

  • It can count up
  • It can count down
  • Bluetooth enabled, it connects to our Swim Practice mobile app which allows you to program any set your heart desires
  • 12″ super-bright LED’s so everyone can see the clock
  • Easily transportable with a 6 hour battery life when not plugged into the wall
  • Mountable or self-standing
  • USB port to update clock software
  • Ruggedly built to withstand outdoor conditions and splashy kids
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured in America
  • 23.5″ x 3.5″ x 15.5″ (L x W x H)
  • 9.3 lbs of pure awesomeness

We wanted to create something for everyone so we’ve made the mobile app to do just that.


Swim Practice App Features:

  • Swim Practice can be used without the swimnerd pace clock as your personal pace clock which is especially awesome for Master swimmers, triathletes, and fitness focused folks
  • Share your swim practices with your team, teammates, or with the global network of swimnerds
  • Set goals for all events over all courses (SCY, SCM, LCM)
  • Keep track of your yardage, calorie burn, best times, and practice records
  • It’s free

We hear you loud and clear, fellow swimnerds.


“Swimnerd is advancing and contributing to the growth of the sport by innovating swimming’s most important training tool: the pace clock. We look forward to a longtime relationship built on interdependence.”

Doug Fonder, President
International Swim Coaches Association

Matt Chrabot

“Great product, this sure is cool.  Tons of triathletes already have waterproof phones and could easily benefit from an app like this.”

Professional Triathlete
2x US National Champion
2x Pan American Champion
USA Triathlon Athlete of the Year
George Mason Swimming Alum

Jim Brinkman

“Swim teams don’t have big budgets. This puts money back in their pockets while improving upon the most important piece of training equipment.”

Special Olympics Swim Coach
x 24 years
Naval Academy Water Polo Alum

Miriam Lynch

“Swimnerd is crafting how swimmers find each other, how they interact with each other, and how they make progress in the sport we all love.”

Nation’s Capital Swim Coach
Howard Swimming Alum
Director of Operations, Diversity in Aquatics

Our Mission:


Create the quintessential swimming ecosystem.


Provide real value through innovative solutions.


Democratize the sport of swimming.



Janelle Atkinson-Wignall

“Budgets are not meant to be broken. Records are. What swimnerd has created will help us in achieving both.”

Fairfield University Head Coach
Florida Gator Alum
2x Jamaican Olympian
7x consecutive Jamaican Swimmer of the Year


Mark Hill

“Bringing the pace clock into the 21st century — it’s simple, intuitive, and cost effective.”

ASCA Level 5 Swim Coach
2012 Olympic Team Coach, Trinidad & Tobago
Owner, Flow Swimming
Maryland Swimming Alum

Ian King

“I hate even wearing a tiny little bracelet, let alone a massive watch, so this app is perfect for me.”

Professional Triathlete
USCG Academy Alum

Mike Murray

“Swimnerd’s commitment to developing high quality training equipment and top of the line innovation to pace clocks is unmatched. We look forward to providing our athletes with the finest technology to enable them to reach their full potential. “

Program Director of Victor Swim Club
ASCA Level 4 Swim Coach
National Select Camp Speaker & Staff Member
St. Lawrence Swimming Alum

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