We’ve made pace clocks great again.


What Our Customers Are Saying…


Swimnerd Pace Clock Features:

  • It can count up
  • It can count down
  • Bluetooth enabled, it connects to our Swim Practice mobile app which allows you to program any set your heart desires (all clock owners are part of Beta team and get the app before released!)
  • Or, program sets using the swimnerd remote control (Included)
  • LED’s made specifically for outdoor viewing are visible from 100 meters away
  • Optional 8 hour external battery life when not plugged in (AC 110~240V)
  • Easily mountable with two screw constructs — easy as hanging a picture!
  • Ruggedly built to withstand outdoor conditions; have you seen us hose it down without the protective front screen on?
  • Two year manufacturers warranty
  • 30″ x 2.5″ x 12″ (L x W x H) ; weights less than 10 lbs!!

Swim Practice App Features:

  • Swim Practice can be used without the swimnerd pace clock as your personal pace clock or can be used to program sets into one of your swimnerd pace clocks.
  • Set goals for all events over all courses (SCY, SCM, LCM).
  • Keep track of your yardage, best times, and practice records.

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Water Monsters, LLC (d/b/a swimnerd) is an American product and software development company based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Started by two unabashed swimnerds (Nate Tschohl and George Rector), we couldn’t be more thankful to all the people that have inspired us, educated us, and believed in us.