Swimnerd’s Favorite Tweets of 2017


In April, Joshua Zuchowski broke Chas Morton’s 200 IM NAG from 1984. Chas is such a legendary age group swimmer he’s even referenced in Workaholics. Keep up the great swimming references, Ders.


The Olympics are coming back to the United States of America. Los Angeles officially won the bid to host the 2028 Olympic Games — 40 years after we dominated the world with 21 Golds and 13 Silvers. They weren’t much interested in Bronze back then.


Federica Pellegrini wanted this race so bad you could see it coming from a mile away. 


“It just wasn’t clicking, you take a long ass time off, like you take half a year off, you come back in December, January and that’s what you’re going to get. Eddie’s (Reese) been warning me about this. But that shows, I got to learn the hard way, and I’m glad I got my ass kicked, there’s no other way to say that. I got my ass handed to me, and by my standards, that’s pretty unacceptable but it is what it is, hats off to him.” – Jo Schooling


After nearly breaking the World Record in the 100 Breast in Semi Finals, everyone’s favorite Russian gave a little shout out to her girl Lilly King.

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