Hello fellow Swimnerds!

We are in the thick of championship season and hope that you are enjoying your 5th consecutive weekend on pool deck…

Or, that you are cursing up a storm trying to refresh some Live Results. Don’t forget to empty that cache.

It has been some time since we have put out an update. So, here’s whats going on…

Swimnerd Mobile App

A couple days ago we pushed out the newest version of the Swimnerd mobile app. You can now download the app on your iPad. On the Android side, we rebuilt the entire BLE engine. Everything about the Android Bluetooth experience is vastly improved.

Download the Android mobile app here
Download the Apple mobile app here

There are also some additional changes to the app interface:

  • on the Home screen you have a 7 day static view now (Sun to Sat). You can swipe left and right to toggle between weeks
  • in Personal Bests users can now add multiple times per event — Goals change automatically
  • there is a Password retrieval system in place now in case you forget your password
  • you can now edit the Date/Time/Course of the practices you write
  • the “finished” practice workflow is fixed (we eliminated several useless screen clicks)
  • users can “Copy” finished practices to the top of their Practice Book and edit them

We are working diligently on the SHARE screen where Coaches will be able to create Teams, take attendance, share swim practices, and communicate easily. 

Pace Clocks

The next shipment of swimnerd clocks leaves next week! As we transition into long course and summer league, if you are in need, just email me and we will get you and your swim team taken care of. If you are a summer league team email me about our SUMMER LEAGUE BUNDLE (clock/tripod/battery) for $649.

Countdown Clocks

Along with this shipment comes the debut of a new clock. We call it the Swimnerd “Countdown to your Big Meet” Clock. A special thanks to Coach Norm Wright of the Northern Kentucky Clippers. We met randomly at a camping trip last fall and he urged me to make something like this. He said that you can’t underestimate the motivation it brings athletes. 

“When we get ours, we are setting it for June 21, 2020: the first day of Olympic Trials. This clock creates an every day reminder that keeps kids motivated and on task.” – Coach Norm Wright

If you’ve ever been to the University of Michigan, you’ve probably seen their Olympic Countdown Clock. This is how Barbara Crossman began her piece covering MP and BB prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics…

“Thirty-nine days. Nine-hundred thirty-six hours. Fifty-six thousand, one hundred sixty minutes. It’s like the Olympic countdown clock that, for the last three years, has hung on the west wall of U-M’s Canham Natatorium.” 

You simply set the date on the side of the clock and hang it on the wall. It’s perfect at the entrance of the pool, locker room, or just about anywhere. 

We’ve also made it so that you can attach your own artwork. Of course the LED bars are green. They are 2 inches tall.

Our first shipment of these are coming along with this next shipment of pace clocks. We will put these up for pre-order starting next week. $149 for 1 or $275 for 2.

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