If you didn’t know who Ryan Hoffer was before the start of the weekend, you do now. A Junior from Scottsdale, Arizona, Hoffer has been setting NAG’s for quite some time but this remarkable meet just shot him into a whole new stratosphere.

Here were the highlights:
50 Back (Relay Leadoff)
50 Free
100 Fly
45.46 (out in 21.01)
100 Back
45.58 (out in 22.07)
100 Free
19.73/21.50 = 41.23

Hoffer’s 100 Free is faster than every American in history except for the one and only Nathan Adrian. Though he’s only 17 years old, Hoffer is well developed.  He’s sort of like a man-boy.  You can just tell if he shook your hand he could easily crush it.  I bet he’s never lost an arm wrestling match. Check out this picture back from August 2013…

The Hoff may remind you of Ian Crocker. Below is Crocker’s 41.68 from 2007 American Short Course Championships.

Now here’s the video to Hoffer’s 100 Free last night:

See the resemblance? Crocker’s dolphin kick was small, compact, and devastatingly powerful. He stayed under water longer than everyone else. Ryan Hoffer has a very similar kick but if we could put those two videos together you’d see Hoffer blast Crocker on the last two turns — especially the final wall. Hoffer’s last turn was his best — look how perfectly he follows his stroke into the wall. He allows for no disruption in speed. He takes a perfect line off his turn and we see almost no difference in the distance off his wall from his first to his last.

Not the case for Crocker, as you can see he needed some oxygen.

Hoffer also has a beautiful high elbow…

Split Breakdown

Ian Crocker:
19.72/21.96 = 41.68

Ryan Hoffer:
19.73/21.50 = 41.23

Hoffer’s final 50 was nearly half a second faster (.46).
Hoffer’s final two 25’s were 10.70 (to feet) and 10.80 (to hand).
I timed Ian Crocker last two 25’s on the video a few times for grins and giggles.

10.99/10.99 = 21.98
10.98/11.03 = 22.01
10.94/10.99 = 21.93
10.83/11.05 = 21.88

The Hoff finished the meet up anchoring Scottsdale’s 4×100 Free Relay in 41.55 (out in 19.45 to his feet!) and coming back in a 22.10. Here is the video set a few seconds prior to him diving in and wreaking havoc underwater. His last two underwaters not as perfect as in his individual event — noticeably his last kick out. But, that just shows how difficult it is to get every little thing right. Not to mention this was his last swim of a long weekend of swimming.

Ryan Hoffer is as legit as you can get right now. He’s one stud on a long list of insanely fast young Americans — but there is something special about this kid. He’s intense. He shows up and swims faster at night when titles are on the line.

Most importantly, he gets me super jazzed about the sport we love.



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