Pan Pacs is over. Seemed pretty quick knowing that it started after and ended before the European Championships. Plus, we had to wake up with complete results and watch tape delayed TV. Ugh.

Early this morning, Ryan Cochrane, Canada’s best swimmer, finally struck gold. After being touched out by Connor Jaeger in the 1500 — the event he was the heavy favorite in — Cochrane dominated the 800. He split the event beautifully, like a great distancer only can.

1st 400: 3:52.05
2nd 400: 3:53.34

7:45.39 isn’t his best time but sometimes we get too caught up in the time.

Guilty as charged. Big time. Sometimes I’m the worst. But, time is part of the sport — it’s the silent competitor.


That is not why we race. We race to win. We race to put our hand on the wall first. That’s what matters.

If there is one interview you will want to watch, it is this one of Jaeger after beating Cochrane in the 1500. The interviewer asked some great questions. This is from Swimming World.

“It just kinda shows that nothing is really written in stone, ya know. Crazier things have happened. Like that! Who would have guessed that would happen? Probably nobody. And that is why you race.”

“I’m interested to see what my splits were. That’s part of the anxiousness of racing. It’s like, you want to win, but your also are kinda always wanting to know what you’re going and with the mile you have 15 minutes of wondering what you’re gonna do.”

Couldn’t have said it better.

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