Women’s 100 Fly
This event is an interesting one for America looking ahead. Is Vollmer ever coming back or is she done-zo? Is Claire Donahue on the verge of hanging up her swimsuit?

Either way, neither of them are stopping Kendyl Stewart from becoming the top American swimmer — she won Bronze in 57.82 and should be on the 4MR tomorrow morning.

Men’s 100 Fly
Michael Phelps winning another Gold medal might not seem like a big story, but woah, what a relief it is to swim as well as he has at this meet. His back end speed is just too much to handle in the 100 Fly — outsplitting everyone except Lochte by over a second — and in one case, just over 2 full seconds. It would have been a lot more fun to have had Phelps squished between Lochte and Tim Phillips in the A Final. Phillips was out the fastest in 23.82 — well in front of Phelps by .80. And, he brought it back fast enough that Phelps would have just barely touched him out. I’m just not so sure that would have been the case, seeing as Phillips was by himself in the B Final from start to finish.

Lochte put together another good swim. There is something to say for a dude that had major knee issues not too long ago to be swimming as well as he has. We all know how easy it is to get out of shape in this practice-intensive sport of ours.

Lastly, we’ve got to note the absolute strangle hold that American men have on this event. Top 5 swimmers in Prelims…

r:+0.66 24.19 51.55 (27.36)
r:+0.73 24.99 51.57 (26.58)
r:+0.67 24.13 51.73 (27.60)
r:+0.73 24.16 52.00 (27.84)
r:+0.70 24.54 52.01 (27.47)

Women 400 Free
Another swim for Ledecky = another Gold, another personal best, another World Record. She was awfully close to holding sub :30 for most of the 8 50’s. She split 30.02, 30.04, and 30.07 — can’t wait to see the day when there are no more :30’s!

Cierra Runge of NBAC (and headed to Cal) continued to drop time in what is becoming her best event, bar none. 4:04.55 is not too far off of Janet Evans Olympic Gold Medal and World Record swim at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.

Men’s 400 Free
Tae Hwan Park of Korea brought the hammer down in Finals going 3:43.15 — the fastest time on Earth in 2014. Kosuke Hagino continued his excellent meet with a 3:44.56 showing, good for 2nd. And, Connor Jaeger’s biceps collected a Bronze medal for his 3:45.31 performance.

Women 200 Back
The 200 Back was similar to the 100 Back…Australian’s Belinda Hocking and Emily Seebohm went 1-2, respectively, switching up their podium positions. Missy Franklin didn’t medal in her best event thanks to Elizabeth Beisel having a great back half to seal the deal. Something just isn’t clicking on Missy’s back but she’s qualified for World’s next year and that’s all that really matters looking forward.

Men’s 200 Back
We said Tyler Clary has been looking very strong, especially on the way home, and that he was going to be too tough to beat in the 2 Back. Even with Irie taking it out fast, Clary never deters from his strategy; always playing to his strengths. He outsplit Irie 28.70 to 29.41 the last 50 meters to beat him by .23 seconds. Ryan Murphy swam slighly slower than his Prelims time but has had very strong performances throughout. Making the World’s team in backstroke events is ridiculously, ridiculously difficult to do in America.

Tyler Clary, Ryan Lochte, Matt Grevers, David Plummer, Nick Thoman. Enough said.

Women’s 400 Free Relay
It was an uphill battle against Australia knowing that 50% of the relay has the last name Campbell. The Australian women crushed it from start to finish with 3 splits under :53. Melanie Schlanger again has a monster swim — there is no way she is retiring.

Team USA was led off by Simone Manuel who continues to impress. She is the real deal — the best American sprinter right now. She stepped up to the plate and ripped a :53.25 going head-to-head against Cate Campbell’s :52.89. Franklin (53.38), Weitzeil (53.81), and Vreeland (53.79) all could have had better relay starts. +.45, +.26, and +.40 is leaving a lot of time on the table.

Men’s 400 Free Relay
I liked our chances to beat Australia, I just don’t think the relay was set up in the best fashion. As pointed out in the 800 Free Relay, Phelps and Lochte were put in the 2 and 3 spots. I’m not sure why they didn’t keep that the same. I would have liked to have seen Nathan Adrian get a shot at a flat start :47 followed by Phelps, Lochte, and allowing Old Man Ervin to bring it home.

1. Phelps has a lack of true sprinter speed. Why play to his weakness by making him do a flat start?

24.03/24.85 = 48.88

2. Being the anchor leg might just have been what the doctor ordered for Anthony Ervin, who has been struggling to get home after blazing through the first 50.

22.34/26.23 = 48.57

One more day left of Pan Pacs. The 200 IM with Lochte & Phelps highlights Day 4. Also, can Kevin Cordes make amends in the 200 Breast? Can Anthony Ervin take the 50 Free? Will Ledecky break 15:30? Will Simone Manuel break the American Record in the 50 Free?

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