The FINA World Aquatic Convention is actually split up into two main parts: the Conference Program and the Golden Coaches Clinic. Hardly anyone attends the Conference Program because it’s normally just people that work for FINA receiving awards from people that work for FINA. 


Here’s a picture right before Topic #3: Off-Site Fan Experience — Reaching Fans Around the World. Looks like they had a difficult time reaching fans around the hotel…


Peter Hall is the Head of FINA’s Marketing & Broadcasting. He spent some time discussing engagement rates. Did you know that Sarah Sjostrom has a higher engagement rate than Kim Kardashian? You learn something every day.

The thing that concerns me the most is that they are trying to build a wall (pay to view) around their castle (the sport of swimming). That’s a good model if you are Disney and own Star Wars and Marvel. 


Peter Diamond

We did not get confirmation on how ‘Cumulative Audience’ is calculated but we are pretty sure swimming didn’t reach billions of people. It sounds good, though. 

Peter Diamond is the Executive Vice President of Programming for NBC Olympics. His presentation could not have been worse. 

At the end of each presentation the audience is allowed to ask a couple of questions. Given the opportunity, I took it. 

“I like swimming. A lot. I watch swimming. A lot. If you watch NASCAR you’ll notice they provide a ton of information scrolling across the screen. Do you all have any plans to let the audience know WHO is swimming and WHAT their times are?

Peter Hall: “The 50 doesn’t have splits.”

Peter Diamond: “It’s really difficult.”

I expected a lot more from a 16-time Emmy award winner. Instead, he was a colossal embarrassment from start to finish. Apparently, he likes Track & Field.

Here, have an award.

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