With SC World Champs coming up, we thought it would be smart to post the current SCM World Records. How many do you think will be re-written in Windsor? 

Men Swimming Short Course Meter World Records

50 m freestyle20.26Florent ManaudouFrance12/5/2014
100 m freestyle44.94Amaury LeveauxFrance12/13/2008
200 m freestyle1:39.37Paul BiedermannGermany11/15/2009
400 m freestyle3:32.25Yannick AgnelFrance11/15/2012
800 m freestyle7:23.42Grant HackettAustralia7/20/2008
1500 m freestyle14:08.06Gregorio PaltrinieriItaly12/4/2015
50 m backstroke22.22Florent ManaudouFrance12/6/2014
100 m backstroke48.92Matt GreversUSA12/12/2015
200 m backstroke1:45.63Mitch LarkinAustralia11/27/2015
50 m breaststroke25.25Cameron van der BurghSouth Africa11/14/2009
100 m breaststroke55.61Cameron van der BurghSouth Africa11/15/2009
200 m breaststroke2:00.44Marco KochGermany11/20/2016
50 m butterfly21.80Steffen DeiblerGermany11/14/2009
100 m butterfly48.44Chad le ClosSouth Africa12/4/2014
200 m butterfly1:48.56Chad le ClosSouth Africa11/5/2013
100 m individual medley50.30Vladimir MorozovRussia8/30/2016
200 m individual medley1:49.63Ryan LochteUSA12/14/2012
400 m individual medley3:55.50Ryan LochteUSA12/16/2010

Women Swimming Short Course Meters World Records

50 m freestyle23.24Ranomi Kromowidjojo Netherlands7-Aug-13
100 m freestyle50.91Cate Campbell Australia28-Nov-15
200 m freestyle1:50.78Sarah Sjöström Sweden7-Dec-14
400 m freestyle3:54.52Mireia Belmonte García Spain11-Aug-13
800 m freestyle7:59.34Mireia Belmonte García Spain10-Aug-13
1500 m freestyle15:19.71Mireia Belmonte García Spain12-Dec-14
50 m backstroke25.67Etiene Medeiros Brazil7-Dec-14
100 m backstroke55.03Katinka Hosszú Hungary4-Dec-14
200 m backstroke1:59.23Katinka Hosszú Hungary5-Dec-14
50 m breaststroke28.64Alia Atkinson Jamaica26-Oct-16
100 m breaststroke1:02.36Rūta Meilutytė Lithuania12-Oct-13
100 m breaststroke1:02.36Alia Atkinson Jamaica6-Dec-14
200 m breaststroke2:14.57Rebecca Soni United States18-Dec-09
50 m butterfly24.38Therese Alshammar Sweden22-Nov-09
100 m butterfly54.61Sarah Sjöström Sweden7-Dec-14
200 m butterfly1:59.61Mireia Belmonte Garcia Spain3-Dec-14
100 m individual medley56.67Katinka Hosszú Hungary4-Dec-15
200 m individual medley2:01.86Katinka Hosszú Hungary6-Dec-14
400 m individual medley4:19.46Katinka Hosszú Hungary2-Dec-15

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