Dylan Bosch was in Virginia Beach over the weekend for Flow Swimming’s clinic. So, Mark Hill invited a couple of swimnerds over to watch Day 5 of SC World Champs. In between races we chatted about Dylan’s retirement, his new job in Texas, and of course, his South African roots. 

“How’s he do it?”

In this video clip, I ask a simple question: “How’s he do it?” No preface was needed. Dylan knew exactly who I was referring to: Chad Le Clos. The most captivating male swimmer not currently retired. And, his compatriot.

Dylan and Chad have known each other forever. They grew up competing against one another in South Africa and they are very good friends. Though Dylan has spent most of his time in Michigan the last four years, he did get to train with Graham Hill and Chad leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Here is what he had to say about Le Clos’ work ethic:

“Man. Phewwwwww.”

One particular long course main set came to mind:

10 x 100 Fly, Best Average @ 1:30
4×200 Back, 1 EZ/1 HARD
4×200 Breast, 1 EZ/1 HARD
4×400 Free, hold under 4:20 @ 4:50


Enjoy being a fly on the wall in our “Between Two Nerds” conversation with Dylan Bosch:

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