We are less than 24 hours out from the start of World Champ Trials 2017 — the battle for a golden ticket to beautiful Budapest, Hungary. 

World Champ Trials Day 1 Events:

200 Fly
100 Free
800 (W) & 1500 (M)

Here are a few thoughts…

  • Hali Flickinger is a PROFESSIONAL SWIMMER. Expect her to put on a clinic in the Women’s 200 Fly. 
  • The world competition in the Men’s 200 Fly is thick as ever while the big names on American soil are gone. This is Jack Conger’s opportunity to make a statement and grab the baton. Chase Kalisz just went a best time in April in this event and is in good position to snap up a spot.
  • The Women’s 100 Free is chuck full of girls that go 55 and 56 that will be going 54 and 55. Ky-lee Perry and Courtney Caldwell from NC State plus the Deloof sisters from Michigan. I’m interested in watching the next group of young sprinters including Isabel Ivey, Eva Merrell, and Grace Ariola. Is anybody more ready for this meet than perhaps Louisville’s Mallory Comerford? 
  • Jimmy Feigen has been MIA since the freak gasoline fight featuring Lochte. Has he even swum in a meet since the Olympics? He hasn’t been tweeting, that’s for sure. Anthony Ervin has been running around the world after winning an unprecedented 2nd Olympic gold in the 50. He’s not entered in the 100. Michael Jensen was one of the most impressive swimmers at NCAA’s this past spring — he has the ability to bring home a 100 as good as anyone. Michael Chadwick of Missouri and Blake Pieroni of Indiana had monster years and I don’t think anything will stop them from being in the Top 6 but can they crack the Top 2? Dean Farris of Harvard went 50.2 last June. Since then, he went 1:31 in the 200 SCY Free. Expect a nice drop from him, too.
  • When you look at the Women’s 800 Free entry times its hard to believe Ledecky is that dominant. 8:04? Is that a typo? Leah Smith will be able to kick her ticket to Budapest on the first day eliminating pressure and hopefully setting up a wonderful race in the 400 later in the week between the two distance studs.
  • The Men’s mile is a mess. No offense to the folks swimming it but when your country’s best swimmers all opt out, what the heck is going on? Jordan Wilimovsky decided to focus on the 10K. Clark Smith, the fastest person ever in the 1650 has also backed out. Watch out for PJ Ransford, who took the 1650 out super fast and was in the lead up to the 800. He also has international experience, being a member of the SC World Champ team in Windsor. It’s the perfect time for him to step up. Robert Finke, still a high school teenager, has been blazing his trail to the top. This skinny kid should easily be under 15 minutes. 

World Champ Trials begin tomorrow. Live results can be found here.

Psych Sheet is here.

Live TV coverage schedule is here.

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