2016 Olympic Trials Women’s 400 IM

We haven’t won Gold since Janet Evans in 1988 unless you consider Michelle Smith’s victory over Allison Wagner in 1996 to be null and void due to doping suspicions.  Regardless, we’ve always been awesome in this event with Donna de Varona, Claudia Kolb, Summer Sanders, Kaitlin Sandeno, Katie Hoff, and Elizabeth Beisel.

We should be able to continue our medaling ways but Katinka, the Iron Lady, will be tough to take down.

2016 Olympic Trials Women’s 400 IM

Beisel is a clear cut choice here for one of the top 2 spots.  She had her worst year ever last year but came back from Kazan and went straight to altitude training in Colorado.  She’s worked her butt off and it’s pretty obvious she has returned to form with a 4:33.55 showing back in May.

Maya DiRado is the other top competitor.  She cranked out a 4:31.7 last year in Kazan.

Caitlin Leverenz went 4:35.3 at the Pan Am Games last summer and she’s seeded 3rd.  Becca Mann, Melanie Margalis, and Katie Ledecky are the next fastest for Team USA.

The Women’s 400 IM at 2016 Olympic Trials is setting up to be a fun race between DiRado and Beisel and that’s who we are picking.

Elizabeth Beisel


Maya DiRado



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