2016 Olympic Trials Men’s 400 IM

No more Phelps.  Perhaps no more Lochte.  What about Clary?  This is arguably the toughest race for anyone but it’s on the first day of OT’s and doesn’t interfere with anyone’s schedules.  Thus, why not give it a go in Prelims, see how you feel?  There’s no Semi’s for the 4IM and scratching Finals is pretty easy — so is going to be getting into Finals if you are Lochte or Clary.

2016 Olympic Trials Men’s 400 IM

This is Chase Kalisz’s time to shine.  He destroyed the 400 IM record (held by both Lochte & Clary at one point) and has been training with Bob Bowman to do just this for quite sometime.  Kalisz has an outstanding breaststroke which is critical with double the distance of the 2IM.  Perhaps there is a chance both Lochte and Clary swim and beat him but I’m not buying into that.  I believe he is the man to beat.

Jay Litherland of the Litherland Triplets has one of the fastest incoming times with a 4:12.4 from the University Games last summer.  He’s continued to improve in several events but this is by far his best chance to make the team.  He’ll have no problem finaling.

Josh Prenot also set his best 4IM time at the University Games last July and just dropped a 4:14.8 in May at the Atlanta Classic.  Prenot is coming off an NCAA Championship in the yards version posting a piping hot time of 3:35.82.  A 200 Breast favorite, he’ll need to take dominate this leg in order to keep pace heading into freestyle.

Gunnar Bentz, Michael Weiss, Sean Grieshop, and Andrew Seliskar have all be 4:16.0 or faster.  It’ll take sub 4:10 to make the team for sure.  It’s all dependent on who decides to tackle the 4IM and who doesn’t — or who swims Prelims and scratches Finals.

Here’s who we think will make the 2016 Olympic Team in the Men’s 400 IM…

Chase Kalisz


Ryan Lochte



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