One thing that we have harped upon over the last 6 years is the lack of swimming history being presented to the youth of the sport. Ask your swimmers tomorrow who Jeff Rouse is. Let us know the answers you get on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram tomorrow.

To promote the history of the sport of swimming, we are interviewing and cataloging the stories of our sports past. 

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

And since we are from VIRGINIA SWIMMING, we thought it would only be right to have Jeff Rouse be our first, “history project”.

Not only are we going to interview Jeff Rouse, but also his coaches, his training partners, perhaps even an arch nemesis. Maybe the last man to beat an American in the 100 Backstroke at the Olympics. We don’t know yet (but if you have Mark’s phone number or email please send it to me thanks!)

Leading off our first podcast will be with Coach Don Regenbogen, Jeff’s age group coach when the Quantico Devil Dolphins (QDD) were still around. The insight, tidbits, and stories he tells are fantastic.

COMING SOON: Episode 1 of The Swimnerd Show with Coach Don Regenbogen

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