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Self Confidence:

The mental side of swimming is just as, if not more, important then the physical side of things.  You can be the most fit, fastest swimmer in the world, but you will never win if you do not believe in yourself.  In fact, many uber-confident swimmers who do not train very much can always beat a swimmer who trains all the time that has no confidence!

Self-confidence is built through:

  1. past experiences (fast swimming leads to more fast swimming)
  2. imagery (visualizing the perfect race for you)
  3. verbal persuasion (positive criticism from your coach, teammates, and parents)
  4. positive self-talk (telling yourself you can do it, rather then saying you cannot)
  5. FUN (enjoying what you are doing!)
  6. hard work (if you know you have done the work, you will be confident you will swim fast)
  7. proper preparation (high practice attendance, eating right, staying healthy, sleeping properly, knowing what strategy to use during your race)

Benefits of self-confidence:

  1. a positive, happy swimmer
  2. less stress
  3. increased performance
  4. better mental health

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