Top 10 Reasons Why Ryan Lochte Should Swim the 400 IM Instead of the 200 Back.

10. Laszlo Cseh hasn’t been under 4:10 since 2009 and might not even swim it in Rio.

9.  Kosuke Hagino broke his elbow this past summer.

8.  Phelps is not going to swim this event.

7.  Lochte went 6 seconds faster in Austin at the #ArenaProSwim meet than he did last year.

6.  Winning Gold the first night will fire up his compatriots and provide momentum heading into Day 2.

5.  Other than Michael Phelps, he is the fastest 400 IM’er in history.

4.  Lochte is the defending Olympic Gold Medalist in the 4IM.

3.  The 200 Back is much more competitive — in America and abroad.

2.  The 200 Back/200 IM double is ludicrous.

1.  Dropping the 200 Back for the 400 IM will allow him to focus on the 200 IM, creating the kind of farewell showdown that people only dream about.

This could very well be the final race between Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps.  EVER.

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