Swimnerd Pace Clock: World’s Best Swimming Pool Pace Clock


The swimnerd pace clock is the most innovative swimming pool pace clock on the market. Digital, affordable, & Bluetooth programmable from your smart phone.


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100% 5-Star Facebook Reviews:

“Amazing pace clocks. Only thing better than the product is their amazing customer service! Highest recommendation possible!” – Chad O.
“One thing that lacks in most businesses today is customer service…well not with the swimnerd. If you are in need of a new clock you can’t go wrong with this pace clock.” – Todd H.
“Great clock for the price! The waterproofing is top of the line as we are in a dome and there is tons of moisture. Also very tough as it has been knocked over a couple of times with no issues.” – Ryan B.
“We love this Pace clock! The green numbers are much easier to see especially when its really sunny. We use it plugged in and hung on a fence but love the flexibility of using the battery and moving it around the pool when needed.” – Julia M.
“This clock is simply awesome! For the price, it blows all of the competitors out of the water!!! I backed the Kickstarter project early because I believed in the project and saw the need and I am so happy to have been given one of these wonderful SwimNerd Pace Clocks for being a backer. Since receiving it, I’ve put it through teh paces, using it virtually every day at practice and doing USMS ePostal swims. It has super impressed me with how visible it is even from quite a distance. Awesome, awesome, awesome clock!” – Matt M.
“We have one of the pace clocks and Nate has been the best to work with. Super responsive when help is needed. Couldn’t ask for better customer service.” – Chuck E.
“Great clock and support! Nate has communicated very well during the whole process of development of the clock. This is one of the best pace clocks for the money. Great customer service, thank you Nate!” – Michael K.
“Loving our new pace clocks at the pool! Kids have no excuse to not be able to see the huge numbers anywhere on deck. Looking forward to the app to start running some fun intervals.” – Bob S.
“Awesome Clock. Great guy to work with. Took the red out of the pace clocks!” – Carlos R.
“Best option out there when it comes to pace clocks! Can’t beat the price and easy to see from anywhere in the pool!  Love the battery option.” – Kristian R.
“The clock is great…it’s clear and we can easily see it from the other side of the pool. Dealing with Swimnerd was super. Nate was helpful and kind throughout the process. I would highly recommend this company and their clocks.” – Kristin G.
“I’m a proud user of these clocks, the major thing for us is they are super bright and read clear across our pool that tends to be a darker pool deck. Nate’s done a fantastic job being responsive to the feedback of us who have ordered clocks. I have two, I won’t hesitate to order more in the future.” – Dave L.


Swimnerd Pace Clock Features:

  • It can count up
  • It can count down
  • Comes with simple remote control that can program simple sets or varying intervals with just a few clicks (see video below)
  • Bluetooth enabled, it connects to our Swim Practice mobile app which allows you to program any set your heart desires (COMING SOON)
  • Green LED’s made specifically for outdoor viewing are visible from 100 meters away
  • Comes with an 8 hour rechargeable battery when not plugged in; battery compartment in back of clock (AC 110~240V)
  • Easily mountable with heavy duty screw holes; Connectable to Tripod ($49)
  • USB port to update clock software
  • Ruggedly built to withstand outdoor conditions; splashy kids; slips, trips, and falls
  • Two year warranty 
  • 30″ x 2.5″ x 12″ (L x W x H)

Questions about the swimnerd pace clock? Call Nate at 757.955.6273 or email Nate@swimnerd.com

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions34 x 14 x 4 in


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