Texas had no problem winning another NCAA Championship with superstars Townley Haas (64.5 pts), Will Licon (80 pts), Clark Smith (48.5 pts), Jo Schooling (73 pts), Jack Conger (81.5 pts), and John Shebat (54 pts). While you certainly need star power you also need depth.

Two of Texas’ most unheralded swimmers at the meet were hardly mentioned except by Schooling in an interview last night. 

Brett Ringgold scored in 3 individual events and was critical on 3 winning relays. His swimnerd score for the meet was 59.5 out of 100. That puts him at a higher total than teammates Clark Smith and John Shebat. 

50 Free, 9th place (11 pts)

100 Free, 5th place (13.5 pts)

100 Fly, 12th place (5 pts)

200 Medley Relay, 1st place, Anchor (10 pts)

200 Free Relay, 1st place, Leadoff (10 pts)

400 Free Relay, 1st place, Leadoff (10 pts)

Jonathan Roberts didn’t have the relays but he did provide some serious points individually — 35 to be exact. Which was more individual points than Schooling and Shebat. 

200 IM, 8th place (11 pts)

400 IM, 6th place (13 pts)

200 Back, 8th place (11 pts)

This is how you win championships. 

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