Swimming is constantly regarded as one of the best exercises for many reasons…

  • Swimming is awesome cardio, completely no-impact on your joints, and a calorie-torching total-body workout. It also stretches and lengthens your body—something your body probably doesn’t get enough of.”
  • “Exercise physiologist Robert A. Robergs says swimming is a good fitness choice for just about everyone, especially those who have physical limitations or who find other forms of exercise painful.”
  • “A new study suggests that the only type of exercise that lowers older adults’ risk of falls is swimming.”
  • “Just like running, swimming trains the body to use oxygen more efficiently, since it improves lung and heart functions by lowering your resting heart and breath rate.”

We all know how difficult it can be to get back into shape after taking a few weeks off at the end of the season.  So, how hard is it to get back into shape after taking a few years off?  Better yet, how hard is it for someone to just pick up swimming as their choice of exercise?

After swimming at my local rec center a couple of times last week and talking to some folks, I realized how lost some of them are — through no fault of their own.

I met Brian, a super nice guy that teaches an Automotive Technician program at a local trade school.  He’s only been swimming for 7 months — but he’s already lost 60 pounds!  Normally a weight lifter, Brian explained to me that crippling arthritis has prevented him from doing his typical workouts.  So, he decided to try swimming.

A local, knowledgeable Masters swimmer was also with us in the lane.  We provided Brian with some of the basics:

It’s been quite some time since I really swam with a purpose.  So, I decided to create a training plan to get back into the pool.  Nothing too crazy here — just a couple times a week.  But, throughout this, wanted to be able to share some valuable information to all those swimmers out there that don’t really know where to start.

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