As we gear up for the FINA World Aquatics Convention in Windsor, Canada next month, I thought it would be good to show everyone the type of awesome stuff you can learn at these events.

This first one comes from Dirk Lange of Germany. Dirk is currently the Head Coach of Austria’s High Performance Centre. Prior to that, he was the Head Coach of Swimming South Africa.

In this video from the 2014 FINA World Aquatics Convention Dirk breaks down Cameron van der Burgh’s training cycles. It’s incredibly interesting and detailed.


129 Day Macro Cycle I
Mileage: 686.8 kilometers
Gym: 89.5 hours

107 Day Macro Cycle II
Mileage: 553.9 kilometers
Gym: 40.75 hours

105 Day Macro Cycle III
Mileage: 498.4 kilometers
Gym: 34 hours


55 Day Macro Cycle I (after Olympics; hence why cycle is so short)
Mileage: 215.2 kilometers
Gym: 24.0 hours

112 Day Macro Cycle II
Mileage: 560.8 kilometers
Gym: 30.50 hours

105 Day Macro Cycle III
Mileage: 491.4 kilometers
Gym: 33 hours

Dirk believes in short micro cycles (5-7 weeks long) rather than 10, 12, or 14 week cycles.

Each micro cycle is built up like a mini season. They start with aerobic work then aerobic capacity then lactate work and finally a mini taper in middle of the season. Dirk suggests that this gets an athlete ready for tapering. It helps a swimmer to become sensitive to what taper feels likes.

“Everybody is working hard. The key to success is obvious the balance of hard work and recovery.”

Want to dive in deeper? Check out Dirk’s full video here.


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