Yuri Suguiyama is a former UNC Tar Heel, long time Curl Burke coach (now known as Nation’s Capital), and is currently the Associate Head Coach of the University of California. Yuri coached Katie Ledecky from age 10 to 15. At the 2012 FINA World Aquatics Convention, he spoke about her training preparation and seasonal plan leading up to her Gold medal winning 800 Free at the 2012 London Olympics.

Here is how he started this FINA presentation…

“I’ve benefited greatly from clinics like this. And from talks. And from articles published. And my hope today is that by sharing with you all that some of you can walk away with some ideas that can help your program, help your club, and possibly help your athletes, as well.”

Getting me pumped for the FINA World Aquatics Convention in Windsor in just a couple weeks…

Here are some takeaways from the discussion.

4 Things That Separate Good Swimmers From Great Swimmers (as they progress through the age group ranks)

  1. Work ethic: no substitute to do whatever it takes to be great
  2. Talent: natural ability
  3. Race ability: innate competitiveness to get your hand on the wall first
  4. Support: supportive parents that don’t get in the way

Key Training and Seasonal Plan Takeaways

  • IM training provides a good balance
  • Train energy systems and race pace. Race pace throughout the entire year.
  • Three 14 to 18 week cycles.
  • 5-6 weeks of Endurance Training; 5-6 weeks of Threshold Training; 2-3 weeks of Power and Pace; 10-14 days of rest
  • Kicking – lots and lots of kicking.
  • Tempo training. Hand to hand. 1.4 sec.

Want to dive in deep? Here’s the full video:

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