The Arena Grand Prix Series started back in November but picks back up in just a couple weeks.

Remaining schedule:

Jan. 17-19, 2014 Arena Grand Prix at Austin  Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center  
Feb. 13-15, 2014 Arena Grand Prix at Orlando YMCA Aquatic Center 
April 24-26, 2014 Arena Grand Prix at Mesa Skyline Aquatic Center 
May 15-18, 2014 Arena Grand Prix at Charlotte Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center 
June 19-22, 2014 Arena Grand Prix at Santa Clara George F. Haines International Swim Center

$150,000 is up for grabs for Olympic-distance events.

Gold = $500 (5 points) 
Silver = $300 (3 points)
Bronze  = $100 (1 point)

High Point winners get a one-year lease of a new BMW, plus a stipend from USA Swimming to help cover delivery charges and/or taxes on the vehicle.  Winners must be US Citizens and no longer NCAA eligible.  Currently, Conor Dwyer and Megan Romano are in the lead so no problems yet.  

In case of a tie, the swimmer who earned the highest single-race FINA power point ranking shall be the victor.  Click the link  to learn more about their formula:


Or, just download their calculator.


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