Bobby Walsh, a former Florida Gator swimmer and Virginia Beach native, is on his way to become the next American Ninja Warrior.  He’s officially been invited to Universal Studios in Orlando for taping early next month.

Bobby is not normal.  He’s an outside the box thinker.  While visiting friends in California a couple years ago, he made a pit stop in LA to see if he could get tickets to The Price is Right.  He stood in line, got his ticket, and found a seat in the audience.  All by himself.  Then he heard his name called, did some gator chomps, and won a brand new Jeep.

Imagine visiting LA for the first time ever, getting on The Price is Right, and winning — all by yourself.  Who the heck does that?

It’s not that weird after you realize he’s dressed up as a cow every single year for a free Chic-Fil-A sandwich.

bobby cow

Or, as Cupid on Valentine’s Day.

bobby cupid

Or, as a Turkey on Thanksgiving.

bobby tukey

Or, as Baby Jesus on Christmas.

jesus bobby


The list literally goes on.


After hearing the news of his acceptance to #ANW, I had the opportunity to sit down with Bobby and ask him 3 Questions.

1.  If you could have lunch with 3 people, dead or alive, who would you pick?

“Bruce Lee.  Tina Fey.  Pope Francis.”

2.  Who was your favorite swimmer growing up?

“The Russian Rocket, Alex Popov.”

3.  What will you be doing in celebration for International Water Safety Day (May 15) this year?

“I’ll be in Gainesville getting ready to graduate the following day so I’ll probably take lots of graduation photos around my favorite spots around campus like the UF Pool where I’ll give a shout out to #IWSD.”